Do I have to be a member of the Opera Guild to attend the events?

No, membership is not required. Our events are open to everyone.

Do I have to sign up for all the events, or can I just pick the ones I’m interested in?

Attend one, two, three, or all four; there are all sorts of different buying options. Tickets can be purchased individually. Sponsors receive events tickets and other special bonuses.

I don’t know anything about Opera! Will I still enjoy the parties?

Most definitely! Opera people know how to throw a good party! All the famous operas have parties that are key to the story! Of course, we do hope you will learn about the beauty and excitement of Opera, but let’s start with a good party.

Can I just bid online or do I have to be at the Auction party?

Silent auction items will all be available online. You don’t need to be at the party to bid or to win. We will arrange delivery or shipping for any winners not at the Auction Party. Special items will be featured for sale before the Holidays.


I have some art my grandfather left me. Can I donate it to the auction?

We are looking for donations. Contact us with more information on your item. We can’t take everything but we love your enthusiasm!